Christophe Duwig

Associate Professor, Docent
Phone: +46 737 65 22 62
Fax: +46 8 790 75 77
E-mail: duwig@mech.kth.se
WWW: Personal Homepage
Room: 2514 Osquars backe 18


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2008Near field dynamics of a turbulent round jet with moderate swirl.
Int. J. Heat and Fluid Flow 29 675-686 (Published)
2007Study of a confined turbulent jet: influence of combustion and pressure on the flow
AIAA Journal 45  624-639 (Published)
2007Large Eddy Simulation of vortex breakdown/ flame interaction.
Physics of Fluids 19 075103 (Published)
2007Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent premixed combustion using a Marker Field
Combustion Science and Technology 179 2135-2152 (Published)
2007 Large Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Flow Past a symmetric backward-facing steps: a sensitivity analysis
 AIAA 45th AIAA-2007-0916 (Published)
2007Large Eddy Simulation of an unsteady lifted flame
 TSFP-5  (Published)
2007LES of Spray Dispersion and Mixing in a Swirl Stabilized GT Burner.
 AIAA 45th AIAA-2007-0924 (Published)
2007Study of the vortex breakdown in a conical swirler using LDV, LES and POD
 ASME IGTI ASME GT2007-27006 (Published)
2005Numerical Study of Thermo-acoustic Waves Generation by a Swirling Flame Using a New Approach Based on LES.
Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2005. 2 67-75 (Published)