Licentiate seminars

Licentiate seminars sorted by year. Follow each link for more information.


Giandomenico Lupo Detailed simulations of droplet evaporation
Erik Boström Boundary Conditions for Spectral Simulations of Atmospheric Boundary Layers
Prabal Singh Negi Boundary Layers over Wing Sections
Nicolas Offermans Towards adaptive mesh refinement in Nek5000
Elektra Kleusberg Wind turbine simulations using spectral elements
Lukas Schickhofer Sound Generation and Propagation in the Human Upper Airways
Marcus Winroth On Gas Dynamics of Exhaust Valves
Marcus Winroth On Gas Dynamics of Exhaust Valves
Shyang Maw Lim Flow and heat transfer in a turbocharger radial turbine


Jacopo Canton Numerical studies on flows with secondary motion
Erik Dijkstra Constrained Optimization for Prediction of Posture
Alexandra Bobke Simulations of turbulent boundary layers with suction and pressure gradients
Elias Sundström Centrifugal compressor flow instabilities at low mass flow rate


Walter Fornari Suspensions of finite-size rigid spheres in different flow cases
Yang Zhou Parametric stability analyses for fluid-loaded thin membranes
Mattias Brynjell-Rahkola Global stability analysis of three-dimensional boundary layer flows
Ramin Imani Jajarmi
Amit Patil Inflation Mechanics of Hyperelastic Membranes
Ugis Lacis Nature-inspired passive flow control using various coatings and appendages


Julie Vernet Plasma actuators for separation control - design and application
Nicolò Fabbiane Adaptive and model-based control in laminar boundary-layer flows
Ellinor Appelquist Direct numerical simulations of the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow
Cai-Juan Zhan On the behavior of motile microbes in Fluid Flow
Nasseradeen Ashwear Vibration Frequencies as Status Indicators for Tensegrity Structures
Tomas Rosén The influence of inertia on the rotational dynamics of spheroidal particles suspended in shear flow
Renzo Trip An experimental study on the wake behind a rectangular forebody with variable inlet conditions
Azad Noorani Lagrangian Particles in Turbulence and Complex Geometries
Taras Khapko Transition to turbulence in the asymptotic suction boundary layer
Sohrab S. Sattarzadeh Attenuation of boundary layer disturbances by means of streamwise vortices


Iman Lashgari
Marit Berger Modelling the early to mid-Holocene Arctic climate
Martin Söder Numerical Investigation of Internal Combustion Engine Related Flows
Johan Fjällman Unsteady simulations of the turbulent flow in the exhaust system of an IC-engine for optimal energy utilization
Werner Lazeroms Explicit algebraic turbulence modelling in buoyancy-affected shear flows
Mohammad Hosseini Stability and transition of three-dimensional boundary layers
Reza Dadfar Active Control and Reduced-Order Modeling of Transition in Shear Flows
Sasan Sarmast


Karl Håkansson Orientation of elongated particles in shear and extensional flow
Enrico Deusebio Numerical Investigation of Rotating and Stratified Turbulence
Lailai Zhu Numerical investigation of swimming microorganisms in complex environments
Mathias Kvick Hydrodynamic stability and turbulence in fibre suspension flows
Shintaro Imayama Experimental study of the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow
Ylva Odemark Wakes behind wind turbines - Studies on tip vortex evolution and stability
Athanasia Kalpakli Vester Experimental study of turbulent flows through pipe bends


Stevin van Wyk Unsteadiness of blood flow in 90-degree bifurcations
Alexander Sakowitz On the Computation of Turbulent Mixing Processes with Application to EGR in IC-Engines
Joy Klinkenberg Stability analysis of channel flow laden with small particles.
Zeinab Pouransari Fundamental studies of non-premixed combustion in turbulent wall jets using direct numerical simulation
Olesya Klets Subject-specific musculoskeletal modeling of the lower extremities in persons with unilateral cerebral palsy
Shahab Shahinfar Transitional boundary layers caused by free-stream turbulence
Amin Rasam Explicit algebraic subgrid-scale stress and passive scalar flux modeling in large eddy simulation
Onofrio Semeraro Feedback control and modal structures in transitional shear flows


Fredrik Laurantzon Flow Measuring Techniques in Steady and Pulsating Compressible Flows
Krishnagoud Manda Finite Element Simulations of Biphasic Articular Cartilages with Localized Metal Implants
Emma Alenius CFD of Duct Acoustics for Turbocharger Applications
Andreas Vallgren Statistical characteristics of two-dimensional and quasigeostrophic turbulence
Tomas Muld Analysis of Flow Structures in Wake Flows for Train Aerodynamics
Malte Kjellander On dynamics and thermal radiation of imploding shock waves


Florian von Stillfried Computational studies of passive vortex generators for flow control
Johan Malm Spectral-element simulations of separated turbulent internal flows
David Tempelmann Stability and Receptivity of Three-Dimensional Boundary Layers
Monika Fällman Turbulence measurements in fiber suspension flows: experimental method and results
Qiang Li Simulations of turbulent boundary layers with heat transfer
Niklas Mellgren Validated Modelling of Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices
Antonios Monokrousos Optimisation and control of boundary layer flows
Robert Pettersson Human Postures and Movements analysed through Constrained Optimization
Natalia Kosterina Muscular force production during non-isometric contractions: Towards numerical muscle modeling
Bengt Fallenius A new experimental setup for studies on wake flow instability and its control
Outi Tammisola Linear stability of plane wakes and liquid jets: global and local approach


Lars-Uve Schrader Receptivity of Boundary Layers under Pressure Gradient
Gabriele Bellani Velocity measurements in a fiber suspension flow: formation of a fiber network
Shervin Bagheri Stability analysis and control design of spatially developing flows
Fredrik Hellström Numerical computations of the unsteady flow in a radial turbine
Tobias Strömgren Modelling of turbulent gas-particle flow


Manindra Kaphle Simulations of human movements through temporal discretization and optimization
Martin Byström Optimal disturbances in boundary layer flows
Espen Åkervik Feedback Control of Spatially Evolving Flows
Allan Carlsson Orientation of fibres in suspensions flowing over a solid surface
Mattias Gärdsback Rotation-Free Shell Elements for Thin-Film Structures and Simulations of Centrifugally Deployed Space Webs
Filli Nurhussen Experimental studies on mouse slow and fast twitch muscles


Ola Lögdberg Vortex generators and turbulent boundary layer separation control
Ramis Örlü Experimental study of passive scalar mixing in swirling jet flows
Peter Andrén Development and results of the Swedish road deflection tester
Yuan Lin Numercial modeling of dielectrophoresis
Johannes Gårdstam Simulation of mechanical joining for automotive applications
Sofia Heintz Muscular Forces from Static Optimization
Daniel Ahlman A study of turbulence and scalar mixing in a wall-jet using direct numerical simulation
Linus Marstorp Subgrid-scale modelling for large-eddy simulation invluding scalar mixing in rotating turbulent shear flows


Veronica Eliasson On focusing of strong shock waves
Darja Ljubimova Numerical modelling of the human eye accommondation Numerical modelling of the human eye accommodation
Kena Inagaki Development of methodology for analyzing helical structure of electrical cables
Erik Stålberg A high order method for simulation of fluid flow in complex geometries
Johan Eriksson Experimental and Numerical Studies of Nonsmooth Mechanical Systems
Marko Hyensjö On Fibre Suspension Flow Modelling: Mechanical Fibre Flocculation and Fibre Orientation
Jordan Ko Numerical Modelling of Highly Swirling Flows in a Cylindrical Through-Flow Hydrocyclone
Stefan  Ivanell Numerical computation of wind turbine wakes


Carl-Ola Danielsson Continuous Electropermutation Using Ion-Exchange Textile
Jerome Hoepffner Control and estimation of wall-bounded flow systems
David Hammarström A model for Simulation of Fiber Suspension Flows
Astrid Herbst Studies of periodic excitation of a turbulent separation bubble
Davide Medici Wind Turbine Wakes - Control and Vortex Shedding
Olof Grundestam Development and analysis of turbulence models for flows with strong curvature and rotation
Gustaf Mårtensson Experimental and numerical study of turbulent flow in rotating ducts
Roland Wiberg A study of heat transfer from cylinders in turbulent flows by using thermochromic liquid crystals


Ori Levin Stability analysis and transition prediction of wall-bounded flows
Minh Do-Quang Parallel Computations on Fusion welding and Floating zones
Luca Facciolo Experimental study of rotating pipe and jet flows
Federica De Magistris Combined shear and compression analysis using a modification of the losipescu shear test device
Timmy Sigfrids Hot wire and PIV studies of transonic turbulent wall-bounded flows
Thomas Hällqvist Numerical study of impinging jets with heat transfer
Erik Birgersson Modelling of Transport Phenomena in Direct Methanol and Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Olle Törnblom Experimental study of the turbulent flow in a plane asymmetric diffuser


Anders Ahlström Simulating Dynamical Behaviour of Wind Power Structures
Claes Holmqvist Modelling of the Pressure Distributions in Twin-Wire Blade Formers
Richard Holm On the Fluid Mechanics of Partial Dewatering during Roll Forming in Paper Making
Arnim Brüger Higher order methods suitable for direct numerical simulation of flows in complex geometries
Johan Ohlsson Turbulence modeling using automated code generation applied to asymmetric diffuser flow
Jan Östlund Flow processes in rocket engine nozzles with focus on flow separation and side loads
Aleksandar Filipovski Co-rotational shell element for elasto-plastic, quasi-static problems
Mattias Chevalier Adjoint Based Control and Optimization of Aerodynamic Flows
Nulifer Ipek Modeling of Electrolytic Pickling


Tom Wright The non-linear dynamics of mechanical frogs and similar toys
Jens Fransson Investigations of the asymptotic suction boundary layer
Jan  Pralits Towards optimal design of vehicles with low drag: Applications to sensitivity analysis and optimal control
Luca Brandt Study of generation, growth and breakdown of streamwise streaks in a Blasius boundary layer
Torbjörn Nielsen Electric arc-contact interaction in high current gasblast circuit breakers
Henrik Sandqvist Theoretical studies of shock waves in dispersive and dissipative media
Gitte Ekdahl A Simple Model of the Mechanics of Trombone Playing
Karl Borg Transport of Bodies Small Compared to the Mean Free Path in Non-Uniform Gases
Franck Grégoire


Kristian P. Angele PIV measurements in a separating turbulent APG boundary layer
Petri Piiroinen Passive Walking: Transition from 2D to 3D
Franck Grégoire Automated code generation for turbulence models
Bo Johansson Experimental study of shock wave focusing in a confined reflector
Tadahisa Terao Direct numerical simulation of active control of turbulent channel flow
Ivan Pavlov Diffraction of sound from a point source against screens with periodical edge profiles


Peter Löfgren Numerical modelling of flows with complex chemical reactions
Björn Lindgren Development of guide-vanes for expanding corners with application in wind-tunnel design
Francois Gurniki Electrochemical Mass Transfer in Near-wall Regions and Turbulent Flows.
Mehran Parsheh Aspects of boundary layers, turbulence and mixing in a plane contraction with elastic guide vanes, envisaging potential application to paper manufacturing.
Ruben Wedin Numerical studies of two-phase flows in gas evolving electrochemical applications.
Gérald Audenis On the impingement of a plane liquid jet on the wires of a paper machine.
Ola Widlund A Reynolds stress closure for magnetic dissipation of turbulence in liquid metals


Naoki Yoshida On nonlinear wave phenomena in a magnitized plasma and in a relativistic gas
Mikael Sima CFD analysis of sugar crystallization
Stefan Wallin Explicit algebraic turbulence models for the Reynolds stress tensor and the passive scalar flux vector
Renaud Lavalley Experimental and Numerical investigations of thermocapillary instabilities.
Casper Hildings Simulation of laminar and transitional separation bubbles.


Koji Fukagata Large eddy simulation of particle turbulent channel flows
Krister Alvelius Large eddy simulation of homogeneous turbulence.
Jesper Adolfsson A study of stability in autobalancing systems using multiple correction masses
Tor-Arne Grönland A study of Hypersonic Afterbody Flow fields
Daniel Söderberg Experimental and Theoretical studies of Plane Liquid Jets.


Mats Fredriksson Local Analysis of Grazing Bifurcations in impact Oscillators with Several Degrees of Freedom.


Sima Zahrai On modelling of dewatering in twin-wire blade foming process.
Magnus Olsson Large Eddy Simulations of Spatially Develping Jets.
Josefina Dellby A geometric shock dynamics approach to liquid impact.
Fredrik Wallgren Convective mass Transfer in Electrochemistry and Physiology.
Leonard  Borgström Wakes behind the Caulks of a Disc Stack Centrifuge and their Importance for the Pressure Drop.


Yagi Tomomi The effects of transverse loading in the pantograph contact problem.
Henri Joona An Inviscid-Viscous Coupling Method for 3D Transonic Separated Flows.
Elna Holmberg Evolution of Spherical Flames in Turbulence.
E. Gravador Phase-integral stability analysis of periodic responses in driven non-linear oscillators


Ardeshir Hanifi Stability Characteristics of the Supersonic Boundary Layer on a Yawed Cone.


Phillipe Martinet Homogenization mechanics of a magnetic liquid.


Yohannes Ketema On the reflection and refraction of the sound field from a point source at an infinite plane homogeneous boundary between two media in relative motion.


Hans Ekander Prediction of curved and rotating channel flows with an improved algebraic Reynolds stress model.
Richard Gebart Transport mechanisms at a stable density interface - influences of vertical rigid walls.


Olle Eklund Konsolbalk påverkad av tidsberoende transversalkraft.
André Raab The dynamics of finite continuous systems as synthetized from infinite elements.


Sven Johansson On the oscillatory normal modes of a nonviscous fluid contained in a rotating torus
Björn Odelius On the oscillatory normal modes of a nonviscous fluid contained in a rotating torus
Lars Thor Transformation properties and covariant form of the two-fermion wave function


Gösta Wingårdh Restriktioner på konstitutiva ekvationer till följd av en generaliserad objektivitetsprincip.


Anders J Thor The binding energy and the quadrupole moment of the deutereon according to a theory by H.A.S. Eriksson.


Åke Linder Generalized variational principles in classical mechanics.


Bengt Enflo Construction of wave equations by Eriksson's spinor formalism.