Doctoral defenses

Doctoral defenses sorted by year. Follow each link for more information.


Marcus Winroth
Lukas Schickhofer Modelling the Production and Propagation of Sound in Individual Human Vocal Tracts


Jacopo Canton
Clio Saglietti
S Sembian
Zeinab Moradi Nour Numerical study of dynamics of mass-emitting particles in multi-phase flow


Walter Fornari Suspensions of finite-size rigid particles in laminar and turbulent flows
Mattias Brynjell-Rahkola Studies on instability and optimal forcing of incompressible flows
Elias Sundström Flow instabilities in centrifugal compressors at low mass flow rate
Marco Ferro Experimental study on turbulent boundary-layer flows with wall transpiration
Tímea Kékesi Scenarios of drop deformation and breakup in sprays
Julie Vernet Plasma actuators for separation control on bluff bodies
Ellinor Appelquist The rotating-disk boundary-layer flow studied through numerical simulations


Ramin Imani Jajarmi Acoustic separation and electrostatic sampling of submicron particles suspended in air
Nima Shahriari On stability and receptivity of boundary-layer flows
Ugis Lacis Models of porous, elastic and rigid materials in moving fluids
Tomas Rosén Angular dynamics of non-spherical particles in linear flows related to production of biobased materials
Amit Patil Inflation and Instabilities of Hyperelastic Membranes
Nicolò Fabbiane Transition delay in boundary-layer flows via reactive control
Alexander Nygård Investigation of jet pulsation effects on near-nozzle mixing and entrainment
Taras Khapko Edge states and transition to turbulence in boundary layers
Nasseradeen Ashwear Vibration-based Assessment of Tensegrity Structures
Yuli Wang Capillarity and wetting of non-Newtonian droplets
Renzo Trip Shedding light on the bluff body wake instability
Daniel Albernaz Phase change, surface tension and turbulence in real fluids
Igor Grigoriev Turbulence modeling of compressible flows with large density variation
Sohrab S. Sattarzadeh Boundary layer streaks as a novel laminar flow control method


Iman Lashgari Stability analysis and inertial regimes in complex flows
Mohammad Hosseini On stability, transition and turbulence in three-dimensional boundary-layer flows
Azad Noorani Particle-laden Turbulent Wall-bounded Flows in Moderately Complex Geometries
Werner Lazeroms Turbulence modelling applied to the atmospheric boundary layer
Karl Nilsson Numerical computations of wind turbine wakes and wake interaction
Martin Söder Creation and destruction of in-cylinder flows; Large eddy simulations of the intake and the compression strokes
Zeinab Pouransari Numerical studies of turbulent flames in wall-jet flows
Shintaro Imayama Studies of the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow


Bernhard Semlitsch Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Compressible Jets
Sasan Sarmast Numerical study on instability and interaction of wind turbine wakes
Mathias Kvick Transitional and turbulent fibre suspension flows
Johan Fjällman Large Eddy Simulations of Complex Flows in IC-Engine's Exhaust Manifold and Turbine
Markus Pastuhoff Measuring with pressure sensitive paint in time-varying flows
Karl Håkansson Orientation of elongated, macro and nano-sized particles in macroscopic flows
Athanasia Kalpakli Vester Vortices in turbulent curved pipe flow—rocking, rolling and pulsating motions
Reza Dadfar Flow control and reduced-order modelling of transition in shear flows
Abdul Malik Tahir Alloy element redistribution during sintering of powder metallurgy steels.
Ylva Odemark Wind-turbine wake flows - Effects of boundary layers and periodic disturbances
Lailai Zhu Simulation of individual cells in flow
Peter Lenaers A new high-order method for direct numerical simulations of turbulent wall-bounded flows
Amin Rasam Anisotropy-resolving subgrid-scale modelling using explicit algebraic closures for large eddy simulation
Feng Zhang Instability in Settling Fibres: A Numerical Study
Enrico Deusebio Numerical studies in rotating and stratified turbulence


Stevin van Wyk Blood Flow variations in Large Arteries due to non-Newtonian rheology
Yue Wang Numerical Studies of Flow and Associated Losses in the Exhaust Port of a Diesel Engine
Joy Klinkenberg Transition in Particle-laden Flows
Krishnagoud Manda Mechanics and growth of articular cartilage around a localized metal implant
Shahab Shahinfar An experimental study on streamwise streaks in transitional boundary layers
Amer Malik Phase change with stress effects and flow
Onofrio Semeraro Active Control and Modal Structures in Transitional Shear Flows
Alexander Sakowitz
Olle Bodin Simulations of compressible flows associated with internal combustion engines


Seif Dalil Safaei
Fredrik Laurantzon Flow measurements related to gas exchange applications
Natalia Kosterina Modelling of muscular force induced by non-isometric contraction
Malte Kjellander Energy concentration by converging shock waves in gases
Ruoli Wang Biomechanical Consequences of Gait Impairment at the Ankle and Foot: Injury, Malalignment, and Co-contraction
Florian von Stillfried Computational fluid-dynamics investigations of vortex generators for flow-separation control
Andreas Carlson Capillarity and dynamic wetting


Johan Malm Spectral-element simulations of turbulent wall-bounded flows including transition and separation
David Tempelmann Receptivity of crossflow-dominated boundary layers
Bengt Fallenius Experimental design and vortex analyses in turbulent wake flows
Qiang Li Direct and Large-eddy Simulations of Turbulent Boundary Layers with Heat Transfer
Outi Tammisola Numerical stability studies of one-phase and immiscible two-phase jets and wakes
Antonios Monokrousos Optimisation and control of shear flows
Gabriele Bellani


Andreas Vallgren Dynamic properties of two-dimensional and quasi-geostrophic turbulence
Lars-Uve Schrader Receptivity of Boundary-Layer Flows over Flat and Curved Walls
Thomas Kurian An experimental investigation of disturbance growth in boundary layer flows
Fredrik Hellström Numerical computations of the unsteady flow in turbochargers
Tobias Strömgren Model predictions of turbulent gas-particle shear flows
Lars Tysell Hybrid grid generation for viscous flow computations around complex geometries
Shervin Bagheri Analysis and control of transitional shear layers using global modes


Ramis Örlü Experimental studies in jet flows and zero pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layers
Allan Carlsson Near wall fibre orientation in flowing suspensions
Ola Lögdberg Turbulent boundary layer separation and control


Mattias Gärdsback Deployment Control of Spinning Space Webs and Membranes
Espen Åkervik Global stability and feedback control of boundary layer flows
Linus Marstorp Modelling of subgrid-scale stress and passive scalar flux in large eddy simulations of wall bounded turbulent flows
Yuan Lin Modeling of dielectrophoresis in micro and nano systems
Marko Hyensjö Fibre Orientation Modelling Applied to Contracting flows Related to Papermaking


Daniel Ahlman Numerical studies of turbulent wall-jets for mixing and combustion applications
Veronica Eliasson On focusing of shock waves
Walter Villanueva Diffuse-interface simulations of capillary phenomena


Luca Facciolo A study on axially rotating pipe and swirling jet flows
Olle Törnblom Experimental and computational studies of turbulent separating internal flows
Astrid Herbst Numerical studies of turbulent and separated flows
Carl-Ola Danielsson Electropermutation Assisted by Ion-Exchange Textile - Removal of Nitrate from Drinking Water
Gustaf Mårtensson Analysis of laminar and turbulent flows with turbomachinery, biotechnology and biomechanical applications
Jerome Hoepffner Stability and control of shear flows subject to stochastic disturbances
Olof Grundestam Modelling and simulation of turbulence subject to system rotation
Thomas Hällqvist Large Eddy Simulation of Impinging Jets with Heat Transfer
Davide Medici Experimental Studies of Wind Turbine Wakes - Power Optimisation and Meandering
Nulifer Ipek Mathematical modelling and experimental studies of the electrolytic pickling of stainless steel


Ori Levin Numerical studies of transition in wall-bounded flows
Federica De Magistris Wood fibre deformation in combined shear and compression
Olivier Macchion CFD in the design of gas quenching furnace
Tom Wright The linear and nonlinear biomechanics of the middle ear.
Anders Ahlström Aeroelastic Simulation of Wind Turbine Dynamics
Claes Holmqvist Mechanical Modelling of Blade Forming and Drainage of Flocculated Suspensions
Richard Holm Fluid mechanics of fibre suspensions related to papermaking


Johan Gullman-Strand Turbulence and scalar flux modelling applied to separated flows
Minh Do-Quang Parallel computations on fusion welding and floating zones
Mattias Chevalier Feedback and Adjoint Based Control of Boundary Layer Flows
Arnim Brüger A hybrid high order method for simulation of turbulent flow in complex geometries.
Jan Östlund Supersonic flow separation with application to rocket engine nozzles
Erik Birgersson Mathematical modelling of transport phenomena in polymer electrolyte and direct methanol fuel cells


Jens Fransson Flow control of boundary layers and wakes
Junichiro Shiomi Control of oscillatory thermocapillary convection
Jan Eriksson Experimental studies of the plane turbulent wall jet
Irina Loginova Phase-field modeling of diffusion controlled phase transformations
Jan  Pralits Optimal Design of Natural and Hybrid Laminar Flow Control on Wings
Henrik Sandqvist Theoretical studies of acoustic waves with consideration of nonlinearity, dispersion, dissipation and diffraction
Kristian P. Angele Experimental studies of turbulent boundary layer separation and control
Karl Borg Dynamics of bodies small compared to the mean free path
Luca Brandt Numerical studies of bypass transition in the Blasius boundary layer
Fredrik Lundell Experimental studies of bypass transition and its control


Björn Lindgren Flow facility design and experimental studies of wall-bounded turbulent shear-flows
Petri Piiroinen Recurrent Dynamics of Nonsmooth Systems with Application to Human Gait
Gunnar Tibert Deployable Tensegrity Structures for Space Applications
Jean-Marc Battini Co-rotational beam elements in instability problems


Markus Högberg Optimal Control of Boundary Layer Transition
Ruben Wedin Two-Phase Flows in Gas-Evolving Electrochemical Applications
Jesper Adolfsson Passive Control of Mechanical Systems: Bipedal Walking and Autobalancing
Pedro Olivas On the fluid mechanics of electrochemical coating and spray painting
Martin Skote Studies of turbulent boundary layer flow through direct numerical simulation
Mehran Parsheh Flow in contractions with application to headboxes


Ola Widlund Modeling of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
Jukka Komminaho Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flow in plane and cylindrical geometries
Francois Gurniki Turbulent Convective Mass Transfer in Electrochemical Systems
Christian Winkler Thermocapillary convection in fusion welding and floatzones and the role of surfactants
Carl Häggmark Investigations of disturbances developing in a laminar separation bubble flow.
Stefan Wallin Engineering turbulence modelling for CFD with a focus on explicit algebraic Reynolds stress models
Koji Fukagata Large Eddy Simulation of Particulate Turbulent Channel Flows
Jafar Mahmoudi


Jens Österlund Experimental studies of zero pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layer flow
Paul Andersson Modelling of Boundary Layer Stability.
Krister Alvelius Studies of turbulence and its modelling through large eddy- and direct numerical simulation.
Daniel Söderberg Hydrodynamics of Plane Liquid Jets Aimed at Applications in Paper Manufacturing.
Anders Lennartsson Efficient Multibody Dynamics.


Robert Tönhardt Convective effects on Dendritic solidification
Petra Wikström Measurements, direct numerical simulation and modeling of passive scalar transport in turbulent flows
Mats Fredriksson Topics in impacting system dynamics
Stellan Berlin Oblique waves in boundary layer transition
Per Elofsson Experiments on oblique transition in wall bounded shear flows


Lars-Göran Sundström Studies on mass transfer in electrochemical systems.
Sima Zahrai On the fluid mechanics of twin-wire formers.
Torbjörn Sjögren Development and calibration of turbulence models through experiment and compucation
Johan Westin Laminar turbulent boundary layer transition influenced by free stream turbulenc
Magnus Olsson Large eddy simulation of turbulent jets.


Erik Lindborg Studies in classical turbulence theory


Ardeshir Hanifi Local and Non-local Stability Analysis and Transition Prediction of Compressible Boundary Layer Flows.
Nils Tillmark Experiments on transition and turbulence in plane couette flow.


Claes Hedberg Theoretical studies of nonlinear propagation of modulated harmonic sound waves
Mårten Levenstam Thermocapilllary Convection in Floatzones.
Elna Holmberg Evolution of Spherical Flames in Turbulence.
Bai Xue-Song On the Modeling of Turbulent Combustion at Low Mach Numbers.


John Matsson Channel flow instabilities induced by curvature and rotation.
Anders Lundbladh Simulation of bypass transition to turbulence in wall bounded shear flows.
Magnus Hallbäck Development of Reynolds Stress Closures of Homogeneous Turbulence through Physical and Numerical Experiments.


Arne Nordmark Grazing Bifurcations in a Two Degree of Freedom Oscillator.
Jiyuan Tu Three-dimensional overlapping grids and multigrid methods for flow calcuations in complex IC engine geometries.
Yohannes Ketema Studies of bifurcations and chaos in engineering mechanics.
Yuguo Li Simulation of flow and heat transfer in ventilated rooms.


Barbro Klingmann Laminar-turbulent transition in plane Poiseuille flow
Johan Groth On the modelling of homogeneous turbulence.


Dan Henningson The development of localized disturbances in plane Poiseuille flow.
Ingemar Lindblad Noise generation by rotors in the subsonic regime.
Per-Åke Lindberg The effect of interaction between long and short waves on the growth of wind generated water waves.


Shu-Ang Zhou Material multipole mechanics of electromagnetoelastic solids with defects.


Nicholas Apazidis Some problems of stability and structure of two-phase flow.


Göran Tolf Mechanical macro- and microproperties of fibercomposites.
Claes Inge Cavitation and bubble oscillations in dilute polymer solutions.
Peter Simonsson The pinnate propeller.
John Stokes Field equations for flow trough poroua media and their relation to the microstructure.
Lars Lindbeck Biomechanical models of the human spine in equilibrium and leg under impact.


Arne Johansson An experimental study of the structure of turbulent channel flow.
Henrik Alfredsson An experimental study of turbulent channel flow using conditional sampling methods.


Hernan Tinoco The hydrodynamic stability of fibre suspensions.


Christer Nyberg Remote sensing of double layers in the upper ionosphere by radio wave transmission.
Torgny Lagerstedt An experimental study of the relation between turbulent drag reduction and anomalous flow behaviour of polymer solutions.


Håkan Gustavsson On the evolution of disturbances in boundary layer flows.
Richard Hsieh Polar macrodeformation fields in micropolar media.


Laszlo Fuchs Finite-Difference methiods for plane steady inviscid transonic flows
Kurt Berglund Studies in micropolar elasticity.


Fritz Bark On the wave structure of turbulent boundary layers with application to drag reduction.


Lars Thor Studies in the two-nucleon problem


Rune Lindgren The transition process and other flow phenomena in viscous flow.