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Fluid mechanics

Start Date End Date Project Name
2000-01-01 "3D Nozzle": Compressible Flow with Shock, Transition, Turbulence and Unsteadiness
2005-09-01 2011-02-28 Active control of vortex shedding behind bluff bodies
2015-01-01 Advanced sub grid scale modeling for LES
2010-11-01 2015-10-31 AFRODITE - Advanced Fluid Research On Drag reduction In Turbulence Experiments
2010-09-01 Arctic sea ice in warm climates
2014-01-01 2018-12-31 Design of micronozzles and control of droplet sizes by a sensitivity analysis of the flow field
2016-01-01 Direct numerical simulations of high-Reynolds number turbulent pipe flow
2015-01-01 DNS of turbulent combustion
2011-01-01 2015-12-31 Interfacial flow and instability of ultra-high pressure liquid jets (NSFC 51176065)
2003-02-01 Laminar-Turbulent transition delay by means of passive control
2002-01-01 Modelling of concentrated fibre suspensions
2016-05-01 Turbulence modelling of the atmospheric boundary layer