List of publications in

international peer reviewed journals

by, or co-authored by, Hanno Essén


65. H. Essén
An exact formula for the electromagnetic momentum in terms of the charge density and the Coulomb gauge vector potential
European Journal of Physics 39 (2018) pp. 025202--1-9.


64. Arne B. Nordmark and H. Essén
An impacting linear three body system
European Journal of Physics 39  (2018) pp. 015001—1-14.


63. H. Essén and Arne B. Nordmark
Drift velocity of charged particles in magnetic fields and its relation to the direction of the source current
The European Physical Journal D 70 (2016) pp. 198—1-10.


62. Miguel C. N. Fiolhais, H. Essén and Tomé M. Gouveia
A variational proof of Thomson’s theorem
Physics Letters A 380 (2016) pp. 2703-2705.


61. H. Essén and Arne B. Nordmark
Relativistic version of the Feynman–Dyson–Hughes derivation of the Lorentz force law and Maxwell’s homogeneous equations
European Journal of Physics 37 (2016) pp. 055201—1-8.


60. H. Essén
Comment on ‘Modeling the magnetic dipole’
European Journal of Physics 37 (2016) pp. 058001—1-2.


59. H. Essén and Johan C.-E. Sten
A new look at the pushing force of an electromagnetic wave on a classical charged particle
European Journal of Physics 36 (2015) pp. 055029—1-14.


58. H. Essén
Gravitationally bound ideal gas sphere in Newtonian and in Einsteinian gravity
European Journal of Physics 35 (2014) pp. 065003--1-8.


57. H. Essén
Gravitational Lagrangians, Mach’s principle, and the equivalence principle in an expanding universe
Journal of Gravity 2014 (2014) pp. 415649--1-5.


56. H. Essén
The Physics of Rotational Flattening and the Point Core Model
International Journal of Geosciences 5 (2014) pp. 555-570.


55. Miguel C. N. Fiolhais and H. Essén
Magnetic field expulsion from an infinite cylindrical superconductor
Physica C 497 (2014) pp. 54-57.


54. Miguel C. N. Fiolhais and H. Essén
Electrodynamics of perfect conductors
International Journal of Theoretical Physics 52 (2013) pp. 1701-1705.


53. H. Essén, Johan C.-E. Sten and Arne B. Nordmark
Magnetic energy of surface currents on a torus
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B 46 (2013) pp. 357-378.


52. H. Essén
Mechanics, cosmology, and Mach's principle
European Journal of Physics 34 (2013) pp. 139-145.


51. Miguel C. N. Fiolhais and H. Essén
Electromagnetic wave scattering by a superconductor
Europhysics Letters (EPL) 97 (2012) pp. 4406--1-3.


50. H. Essén and Miguel C. N. Fiolhais
Meissner effect, diamagnetism, and classical physics -- a review
American Journal of Physics 80 (2012) pp. 164-169.


49. H. Essén
Classical diamagnetism, magnetic interaction energies, and repulsive forces in magnetized plasmas

Europhysics Letters (EPL) 94 (2011) pp. 47003-1-5.


48. Miguel C. N. Fiolhais, H. Essén, C. Providencia and Arne B. Nordmark
Magnetic field and current are zero inside ideal conductors
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B 27 (2011) pp. 187-212.


47. Arne B. Nordmark and H. Essén
The comfortable roller coaster— on the shape of tracks with a constant normal force
European Journal of Physics 31 (2010) pp. 1307-1317.


46. H. Essén and Arne B. Nordmark
Static deformation of heavy spring due to gravity and centrifugal force
European Journal of Physics 31 (2010) pp. 603-609.


45. H. Essén
From least action in electrodynamics to magnetomechanical energy—a review
European Journal of Physics 30 (2009) pp. 515-539.


44. H. Essén and Nicholas Apazidis
Turning points of the spherical pendulum and the golden ratio
European Journal of Physics 30 (2009) pp. 427-432.


43. H. Essén
Magnetic energy per particle in constant current density

Europhysics Letters (EPL) 84 (2008) pp. 20011--1-5.


42. H. Essén
The exact Darwin Lagrangian

Europhysics Letters (EPL) 79 (2007) pp. 60002--1-3.


41. H. Essén
Matrix analysis of coupled damped vibrations --two degree-of-freedom analytic solution
International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 36 (2007) pp. 115-146.


40. Arne B. Nordmark and H. Essén
The skipping rope curve
European Journal of Physics 28 (2007) pp. 241-247.


39. H. Essén

Magnetic dynamics of simple collective modes in a two sphere plasma model

Physics of Plasmas 12 (2005) pp. 1222101--1-7.


38. H. Essén
Electrodynamic model connecting superconducting response to magnetic field and to rotation
European Journal of Physics 26 (2005) pp. 279-285.


37. H. Essén
Magnetohydrodynamic self-consistent exact helical solutions
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 37 (2004) pp. 9831- 9840.


36. H. Essén and Arne B. Nordmark
Hamiltonian of a homogeneous two-component plasma
Physical Review E 69 (2004) pp. 036404--1-9. 


35. Karl I. Borg, Lars H. Söderholm, and H. Essén
Force on a spinning sphere moving in a rarefied gas
Physics of Fluids 15 (2003) pp. 736-741.


34. H. Essén
Note on the relativistic elastic head-on collision
European Journal of Physics 23 (2002) pp. 565-568.


33. H. Essén
On the equilateral triangle solutions to the three-body problem
European Journal of Physics 21 (2000) pp. 579-590.


32. H. Essén
Magnetism of Matter and Phase Space Energy of Charged Particle Systems
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 32 (1999) pp. 2297-2314.


31. Arne B. Nordmark and H. Essén
Systems with a preferred spin direction
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 455 (1999) pp. 933-941.


30. H. Essén
The field outside a spherical $2^l$-pole distribution is a pure $2^l$-pole field
American Journal of Physics 66 (1998) p. 163.


29. H. Essén
The Interior Schwarzschild Problem and its Integration
International Journal of Theoretical Physics 37 (1998) pp. 875-889.


28. H. Essén
Phase space energy of charged particles with negligible radiation; proof of spontaneous magnetic structures and new effective forces
Physical Review E 56 (1997) pp. 5858-5865.


27. H. Essén
A Simple Mechanical Model for the Shape of the Earth
European Journal of Physics 17 (1996) pp. 131-135.


26. H. Essén and Mats Svensson
Calculation of Coordinates from Molecular Geometric Parameters and the Concept of a Geometric Calculator
Computers & Chemistry 20 (1996) pp. 389-395.


25. H. Essén
The Darwin Magnetic Interaction Energy and its Macroscopic Consequences
Physical Review E 53 (1996) pp. 5228-5239.


24. H. Essén and Arne B. Nordmark
Some Results on the Electrostatic Energy of Ionic Crystals
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 74 (1996) pp. 885-891.


23. H. Essén
A Study of Lattice and Magnetic Interactions of Conduction Electrons
Physica Scripta 52 (1995) pp. 388-394.


22. H. Essén
On the Geometry of Non-holonomic Dynamics
Journal of Applied Mechanics 61 (1994) pp. 689-694


21. H. Essén
Average Angular Velocity
European Journal of Physics 14 (1993) pp. 201-205


20. H. Essén
Empirical and Theoretical Evidence for Gravitational Polarization of Matter
Physica Scripta 45 (1992) pp. 22-25.


19. H. Essén
General Relativity as a Conformally Invariant Scalar Gauge Field Theory
International Journal of Theoretical Physics 29 (1990) pp. 183-187.


18. H. Essén
Magnetic Fields, Rotating Atoms and the Origin of Diamagnetism
Physica Scripta 40 (1989) pp. 761-767.


17. H. Essén
A New Completly Separable Molecule-like Fourbody System
Physics Letters A 133 no 1,2 (1988) pp. 56-58.


16. J. Blomquist and H. Essén
Correlation and the Charge Distribution of Atoms
Chemical Physics 112 (1987) pp. 173-177.


15. H. Essén
Space-time Curvature and the Sources of Gravity
European Journal of Physics 8 (1987) pp. 182-185.


14. H. Essén
Correlation with Independent Particle Orbitals
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry XXX (1986) pp. 89-95.


13. H. Essén and D. Cremer
On the Relationship Between the Mean Plane and the Least-Squares Plane of an N-membered Puckered Ring
Acta Crystallographica B 40 (1984) pp. 418-420.


12. R. F. W. Bader and H. Essén
On the Characterization of Atomic Interactions
Journal of Chemical Physics 80 (1984) pp. 1943-1960.


11. M. S. Child, H. Essén and R. J. Le Roy
An RKR-like Inversion Procedure for Bound-Continuum Transition Intensities
Journal of Chemical Physics 78 (1983) pp. 6732-6740.


10. H. Essén
The Effective Shell Charge of Electrons on a Sphere: A Discussion of Hund's Rules, Negative Ions and the Chemical Bond
Theoretica Chimica Acta (Berl.) 63 (1983) pp. 365-376.


9. H. Essén
On the General Transformation from Molecular Geometric Parameters to Cartesian Coordinates
Journal of Computational Chemistry 4 (1983) pp. 136-141.


8. T. T. Nguyen-Dang, R. F. W. Bader and H. Essén
Some Properties of the Lagrange Multiplier µ in Density Functional Theory
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry XXII (1982) pp. 1049-58.


7. H. Essén
The Periodic Table of the Elements and the Thomas-Fermi Atom
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry XXI (1982) pp. 717-726.


6. H. Essén
Particle Kinematics in a Unified Geometric Description of all Fields
Il Nuovo Cimento 66B (1981) pp. 1-8.


5. H. Essén
The Cat Landing on its Feet Revisited or Angular Momentum Conservation and Torque-free Rotations of Non-rigid Mechanical Systems
American Journal of Physics 49 (1981) pp. 756-758.


4. H. Essén
Vibration-Rotation Coupling in Polyatomic Molecules: Additions to the Eckart Conditions
Chemical Physics 44 (1979) pp. 373-388.


3. H. Essén
Quantization and Independent Coordinates
American Journal of Physics 46 (1978) pp. 983-988.


2. H. Essén
The Physics of the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry XII (1977) pp. 721-735.


1. H. Essén, G. D. Billing and M. Baer
Comparison of Quantum Mechanical and Quasi-Classical Calculations of Collinear Reaction Rate Constants for the H+Cl_2 and D+Cl_2 Systems
Chemical Physics 17 (1976) pp. 443-449.