KTH, Department of Mechanics, Stockholm, Sweden


September 23, 13-17, 1997.

David Enskog, professor of mathematics and mechanics at KTH 1930-1947, is most known as one of the originators of the Chapman-Enskog method. Through it, it was possible for the first time to derive the Navier-Stokes equations for a gas from the Boltzmann equation. The viscosity and heat conductivity were derived from the properties of molecular interaction. He is also known for the so-called Enskog equation, pertaining to denser gases. The ideas of Enskog are today continuing to be fruitful. This year 50 years have passed since the death of David Enskog.

Program, with preliminary titles of lectures

  • 13.15 Janne Carlsson, president of KTH, opens the meeting.
  • Yoshio Sone, Professor, Kyoto University, "Fluid dynamics in the light of kinetic theory". Inauguration of David Enskog lecture
  • 14.15 Mats Fridlund, civ.ing., KTH, "The fall and rise of David Enskog"
  • 14.50 Refreshments
  • 15.30 Alf Sjölander, Professor, Chalmers, "Liquids and dense gases - from Boltzmann-Chapman-Enskog to the present"
  • 16.15 Mikhail Dzugutov, Dr., KTH, "Enskog's ideas and atomic diffusion in liquids"

    The lectures are directed to a general audience and do not require special knowledge in kinetic theory.

    The lectures take place in Lecture hall D3, Lindstedtsvägen 5.

    "The Enskog Heritage" is supported by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences through its Nobel Institute for Physics.

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