SG2214, 2009


Detailed course description


Notes on Cylindrical and Spherical Polar Coordinates

Links: flow visualizations and educational movies


1. Tensors and Invariants

2. Euler/Lagrange Coordinates and Relative Motion

3. Conservation Equations and Stress Tensor

4. Adimensional form and Exact Solutions to the Navier-Stokes Equations

5. Exact Solutions to the Navier-Stokes Equations II

6.Boundary layer: Similarity and wake flow.

7. More about boundary layers

8. Exact solutions to the energy equation.

9. Rankine vortex, Generation of vorticity in natural convection.

10. Axisymmetric flow with vorticity, Heimenz problem

11. Bernoulli's equation, pressure in solid body rotation/irrotational vortex, stream function

12. Potential flow problems

13. Turbulent boundary layers

14. Problems from Old Exams


Homework 1 due 16/9, 2013
Homework 2 due 14/10, 2013
Homework 3 due 24/10, 2013

Adverse pressure gradient lab
Lab instructions

Written exams from past years

Exam 010601 (from the old course 5C1203)
Exam 020527 (from the old course 5C1203)
Exam 030605 (from the old course 5C1203)
Exam 031023
Exam 040113
Exam 041018
Exam 051024
Exam 060112

Exam 061020 with solution

Exam 070108 with solution
Exam 071025 with solution
Exam 080114 with solution
Exam 081023 with solution
Exam 090107
Exam 091022 with solution
Exam 100113 with solution
Exam 101023 with solution
Exam 110111 with solution
Exam 111020 with solution
Exam 120204 with solution
Exam 121019 with solution
Exam 130108 with solution
Exam 131101 with solution

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