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Archive of Sophia Related Files For Downloading
These may also be obtained by anonymous ftp transfer from the site on the sophia directory

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Sophia The Computer Algebra Toolkit For Doing Mechanics With Maple

These are in the form of text files which can be read into Maple by the read command. Once in Maple you can save them as dot m files, i.e. in the form sophia.m Once saved in this format they can be loaded very quickly into your Maple work space. The text files should work in all platforms including Mac, PC DOS, PC windows and UNIX.

Sophia Text File for use with Maple V relaease 4

Sophia Text File for use with Maple V release 3

Sophia Text File for use with Maple V release 2 and older

Examples of Sophia and pure Maple at work on some simple systems

Read this text file into Maple to see how Sophia can be used to derive the equations of motion of a double pendulum.

This file shows how to get a nice plot of a helical wire using Maple's plot commands

You don't need Sophia to solve the oscillator problem. This is a pure Maple session which uses Lagrange's equations to obtain the equation of motion. The demonstrated technique of variable substitution is used in the Sophia package.

The following is a tutorial to be loaded into Maple. There are some problems with formats that work on all platforms so it may take a while to get this correct. There will be more as we develop the system. Download the file as a text file and read it into your workspace AFTER LOADING SOPHIA.

Solutions for selected problems in the text:

The following maple tools were written by Ander's Lennartsson. Newer versions exist but are not ready for public release. The tools allow one to export the differential equations produced by Sophia to MatLab in various forms. We are only providing the tools for constructing normal MatLab 'm' files, however we can also produce so called mex files which are compiled and run much faster. If you are interested in these contact me for more information. The tools are also on the disk that comes with my book. There is a problem with the fact that on certain platforms the m-files are written with a .m extension which causes it to be saved as a Maple m-file and is not directly readable by Matlab. Therefore in this version the addition of the m-extension is left for the user to do AFTER the file has been constructed by the Maple program. This is contrary to what is stated in the documentation file.

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