Boundary Layer DNS/LES Data

Boundary Layer Animations

Visualisation for Gallery of Fluid Motion (November 2011):

Download full movie from ArXiV:: schlatter-gallery-large.mpg (Attention 150MB).
Download full movie as mp4 (without stereo part): DNS4000_long.mp4 (Attention 170MB).

Download full movie as mp4: TBL4000_long.mp4 (Attention 170MB).

Visualisations for Gallery of Fluid Motion (November 2010):

Download full movie from ArXiv: schlatter_et_al_large.mpg

Download full movie as mpg: orbit.mpg (Attention: 15MB)

This directory contains integral quantities and velocity profiles for five selected streamwise positions, obtained from DNS and LES of a turbulent zero-pressure-gradient boundary layer. The data is free to use; please include a proper reference to the original publications.

In case of any questions, e.g. related to the data, or whether you wish for additiona data not presented here (e.g. integral quantities as a function of Re, additional wall-normal profiles of Reynolds stress budgets), please contact Philipp Schlatter,

A more or less concise description of the data and the underlying simulations is given in a recent presentation delivered at the 7th International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena (TSFP-7) in Ottawa, Canada, July 31, 2011: TSFP7-Presentation.pdf, and the corresponding proceedings article: 0i5p.pdf.

new LES Data, last update: 2014-05-30

up to Re_\theta=8300. Reference: Eitel-Amor, Orlu and Schlatter, 2014, Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 47, 57-69.
See data in the FLOW Database.

new DNS Data, last update: 2012-05-27

Reference: Schlatter and Orlu, 2010, J. Fluid Mech., 659, 116-126
Resolution: 8192x513x768 spectral modes
(more information about this simulation, see this poster: (low res. pdf) (high res. pdf) (Gallery of Fluid Motion, APS DFD09).
Update 2012-05-27: Inclusion of vorticity rms for all Re.

Re_\theta = 670:
Re_\theta = 1000:
Re_\theta = 1410:
Re_\theta = 2000:
Re_\theta = 2540:
Re_\theta = 3030:
Re_\theta = 3270:
Re_\theta = 3630:
Re_\theta = 3970:
Re_\theta = 4060:

all data: data.tar.gz

DNS Data, last update: 2009-08-19

Reference: Schlatter et al., Phys. Fluids 21, 051702 (2009)
Resolution: 3072x301x256 spectral modes

Re_\theta = 670:
Re_\theta = 1000:
Re_\theta = 1410:
Re_\theta = 2000:
Re_\theta = 2400:

LES Data, last update: 2009-09-29

Reference: Schlatter et al., Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 31, 251-261 (2010)
Resolution: 4096x385x384 spectral modes

Re_\theta = 670:
Re_\theta = 1000:
Re_\theta = 1410:
Re_\theta = 2150:
Re_\theta = 2560:
Re_\theta = 3660:
Re_\theta = 4100: