Text Book on Complex Mechanical Systems
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The Analysis of Complex Nonlinear Mechanical Systems: a computer algebra assisted approach

By Martin Lesser

Department of Mechanics, Royal Institute of Technology
S-100 44, Stockholm Sweden

Text Published by World Scientific Press, October 1995

This book is number 17 in the series on Nonlinear Science edited by Professor Leon Chua of the University of California at Berkeley. The book covers the subject of multibody mechanics, that is the study of the dynamics of interconnected rigid and flexible bodies. Problems and a disk of software to be used with the Maple computer algebra system is provided. The projected selling price is 43 pounds sterling.

The book was published on September 21, 1995. You can contact the publisher at the following www site:

World Scientific Publishers

There is now a paperback version available for $22
You can also place an order with your local bookseller. If you have difficulty in obtaining a copy please contact me at

If you wish to see some samples of Sophia in Maple clothing as well as downloading the software, consult the following page: Files for running the Sophia Tool Kit with MapleV.

Corrections and Comments to Text as of November 1995

Chapter 1

  • Figure 1.4 -- The coordinates q1 and q2 should be interchanged in the figure.

Chapter 3

  • Equation 3.127 -- the q dot term should be transposed to a row vector.

Chapter 7

  • On page 293 the discussion of the linearized pendulum's phase plane contains errors. The equations for the phase trajectory near the equalibrium points should contain a constant. Thus for the stable point the equations are circles and for the unstable point hyperbolas.

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