Getting started
The following is tried out with csh on Linux, on other systems details may differ. There are makefiles for various other machines included with the worked examples. Moving it to different operating systems essentially requires that the makefiles need to be modified for the different compilers etc.
The Maple code that is downloaded here should work immediately with Maple 9. It can be also be used with Maple 7 or 8.

  1. Download the directory femLego_dist using the download link to the left and place it in a convenient location in your home directory.
  2. If you do not have a .mapleinit file in your $HOME, copy femLego_dist/.mapleinit to your $HOME. Otherwise, add the contents of femLego_dist/.mapleinit to the existing $HOME/.mapleinit file.
  3. Find out if a compiled version of the linear algebra library SLAP exists on the system. Otherwise, compile it using makefiles in femLego_dist/SLAP2.0, and put the resulting .a file in a convenient place, such as $HOME/lib.
  4. Set the unix environment variable SLAP_LIB to the path for the directory where the SLAP library (i.e. libslap.a) is located, as determined above. This is preferably done by entering the line
    setenv SLAP_LIB <actual path>
    in your $HOME/.cshrc
  5. If necssary load Maple, typically by typing
    module add maple
    or something similar depending on the local system.
  6. Go to femLego_dist/little_example. Open the file example.mws in Maple by typing
    xmaple example.mws &
    and execute it step by step, following instructions and comments there. This directory, as well as the other examples in
    femLego_dist, can be used as a template for new problems.
Contact: Gustav Amberg, Mechanics, KTH, S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden,