Hanno Essén

Universitetslektor (retired), Department of Mechanics, KTH
Docent, Theoretical Physics, Stockholm University

I am a retired, but still active in research, senior lecturer (associate professor) at the Department of Mechanics, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. Former Director of undergraduate studies (studierektor) 1990-2012 and former chairman of the Swedish Skeptics (Föreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning, VoF).

Bild på några styrelsemedlemmar i VoF. Hanno längst till höger.

Research and professional:

I have done research in many different areas over the years and remain fairly unspecialized. A main theme in recent year has been the role of magnetic interaction energy in plasmas and superconductivity. I am interested in all areas of science but the aim is often an improvment of the clarity and conceptual simplicity of our understanding of some areas of physics and theoretical chemistry. Here is a list of topics:
Theoretical chemistry: The Born-Oppenheimer separation, Vibration-Rotation coupling, Electronic structure theory, Hund's rules, The Thomas-Fermi approximation, the Periodic table.
General relativity: Scalar gauge theory of GR, Curvature, Kaluza-Klein ideas.
Classical mechanics: Non-holonomic dynamics, Angular velocity, Rotation of non-rigid systems, Separability.
Electromagnetic theory: The nature of magnetism, The Darwin Hamiltonian with applications to plasmas and superconductivity. See link below!
Pedagogical and popular accounts of physics.
I have also participated in empirical and experimental studies of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)

For further information, see links:
My scientific biography with CV and commented publication lists arranged chronologically and according to subject
Lists of Publications (publikationslistor)
Superconductivity, Plasmas and the Darwin Hamiltonian
Experimental LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) reports
Evclid: a geometric calculator and editor mainly intended for work with molecular geometries, with Guide (pdf).
Course information and pedagogics from courses held before my retirement:
SG2150, Rigid Body Dynamics (Analytical Mechanics) Texts on Rigid body dynamics and on Lagrangian mechanics
Mekanik mk SG1102, 2 gamla tentor med lösningar
Mekanik I, gamla tentor med lösningar mm
Mekanik II, gamla tentor med lösningar mm
Manuscripts: History of mechanics, Celestial or Space mechanics, and Motion in accelerated reference frames (pdfs)

Non-professional stuff:
Dikter (Poems)
Alan Turing du var inte ensam - Homosexualitet i vetenskapshistorien (extended oktober 2021)

You can reach me by e-mail at: hanno@mech.kth.se